Time, Stress, and Charting Coaching (AKA Heal the Healer)


*RELIAbase software (the doc in your pocket app)!

*Full Access to Medical AI System RELIAbase

*Live Weekly Functional CME trainings

*The Magic Room Trick (Never lose your keys/phone again)

*Several Memorization Methods

*The Segue for Quicker Conversations

*Dot-Text Swipe File

*Slack Text Community for NPs

*Remembering patient names and diagnoses

*Speed/Typing reading in more depth MORE

There really is an easier way for nurses and health professionals then selling our soul & trading precious time for money in order to have a "rewarding" career.

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  • Learn: What Functional Med is (& is not). HINT: It is NOT just a fancy nutrition plan.

  • Discover: How you can stay in your passion for medicine/nursing and earn high 6-7+figures.

  • Put An End To: charting or having to keep up with bureaucratic tasks.

  • Implement: Passive Income as a professional.

  • Download: A proven Functional Clinic & start accepting patients ASAP (without a supervising)

  • Set: Your Own Schedule

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We Were Lied To....

There really is an easier way then selling your soul & trading precious time for money in order to have a "rewarding" career.

Do All This WITHOUT:

❌High Tuition Fees

❌ Feeling like you are going back to school

❌Needing to be tech savvy

❌ A Collaborating Physician

❌ New Bureaucratic Tasks Being Thrown at You Daily

And Benefit In Having:

✅ Zero Cap On YOUR Earnings!!

✅ Full reimbursement for your work!!

✅Freedom to Set Your Own Schedule!!

✅The respect you desire for changing lives!!

✅Getting Patients RESULTS that conventional medicine just cannot!!

Meet IFN's Founder

Hi, I'm Dr. Lauren Duroy, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, FIM-P

I know what it's like to crave being the best person you can for your family and your patients, but feel so overwhelmed that you don't know how to find that version of you. When I graduated with my doctorate in practice Family Practice, I thought I would have this huge relief, and instead I felt hugely overwhelmed.

Between the long hours and craving a deeper connection with my patients, I slowly realized that I was not fully working in my calling. I craved helping patients heal naturally and I desired to reverse the diseases that many patients were being disregarded by other providers for having. You know, the “invisible” diseases like fibro or IBS. 

The first time I reversed a fibromyalgia patient with natural interventions, I knew Functional and Integrative Medicine was my calling. However, I wanted a program that was not biased to holistic medicine nor bias to conventional medicine. I set out to find a program that was held to the standards that my nursing board would hold me up to.

I pride myself on only considering rigorous evidence-based studies. Plus, I knew that a course that doesn't change my scope, should not require additional school loans. I already had too many school loans.

I also needed help learning how to grow an income quickly!

I could not find such a program.

I took a course and got certified but was disappointed to see a lot of biased and old studies being used to back practices that were being pushed by individuals who did not have prescriptive authority. I couldn't help but see the biases even in the programs that I wanted deeply to fully believe in.

That is when Institute for Functional Nurses was born.

If you are an individual who knows there is a better way to treat patients and you believe in an easier way to serve patients, without having to disrupt your own life, but are just not certain how to make it happen, IFN is your place.

Feel the freedom of your own Passion Path by leveraging Functional Medicine & Course Creation!

Unlock your full potential!

What You Will Learn

  • What Function Med Is

  • Case Study of the Month

  • About IFN's full program

  • A clear, proven, & high-converting strategy that generated $10K/month after just 3 months (& $20K after 6mo).

  • How to Launch Your Dream Business Without Becoming A Tech Wiz or Paying someone thousands of dollars a month to do it for you.

  • How AI Has Made it Easier THAN EVER to Grow your own Side Income or Business

  • How to treat the “invisible” diseases like fibro or IBS. 

  • Functional Medicine, Spiritual Coaching, Health Coaching, Life Coaching



Are you a nurse, PA, or practitioner feeling
burned out in your current position?

This is for you if:

  • YOU Crave healing people naturally.

  • YOU want to help those who failed conventional medicine treatment (Fibro, Autoimmune, Anxiety, Depression, IBS, to name a few).

  • You're tired of new administrative tasks being thrown at you.

  • You want a say in what is important in your life!

  • You want to learn more about Functional Medicine.

  • You love helping people but are tired of charting.

  • You're ready to launch a simple side income with a simple solution.

  • Done for you is best b/c you don't feel you have the time or motivation to do anything new.

Be With Us for this SPECIAL training!

This is tailored specifically for nurses, practitioners, & PAs.

Take control and move forward to an exciting new future!

There’s no need to stay stuck! We are here to provide you with an alternative — we offer a solution that will help you be able to feel passion helping others WITHOUT tons of charting or hours doing administrative tasks!

With our program, you can also create more financial stability and security by replacing your NP income and pay off a massive amount of education in less than one year.

Reclaim ownership over your life and career instead of letting them control you! Our approach has proven effective in helping practitioners find the joy and fulfillment they once felt about their jobs. You don't have to be held hostage any longer - join us today on our mission towards restoring balance!

Reserve a spot in our Free 90 Min Training and start making positive changes into your career path today!


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Just Put Your Info in the form below to get INSTANT ACCESS to a free training explaining it all!

I went from working 60+ hr/wk, feeling bad for not having energy for my family, & reconsidering my entire career decision, to running my own Functional Clinic and scaling to $20K months within 3 months!! (NO kidding!! That is the power of on-line course creation when done right!)

I became obsessed with replicating this new model into every aspect of my life & that translated into even more freedom for me & my family.... I KNOW....I wouldn't of believed it either, if I didn't live it🤯, but it is true & I want to teach this to you as well!

"This Really WORKS! I am so happy to be back present with my family I could cry!"--A.R. of Illinois

But why should I share and not just keep it to myself?

Honestly, there are two (main) reasons..

  1. Because it is easy to do & getting mad results for other moms & dads who just want to be home present with their children is extremely rewarding for me.

  1. Because the louder we get with Functional Medicine the healthier our children's future will be!! I want to see big food brands being forced to stop manipulating our children's for their benefit!! So I have lowered the barrier for you to get Functional Med Certified and launch your practice!

I get it! The problem is that you are so worn out from a crazy day at work (& staying up late charting) that when you do finally get to see family, you feel you have nothing left to give. This makes you feel guilty & lifeless.  I know what you want is to spend more time with family! I know what you want is to have more energy when you do get that time!

You want to enjoy life again! And you deserve that!

Learn what to do start & scale

quickly, with our

FREE 90 Min Class.

We understand how difficult it is to transition into a new career path and that's why we offer an easy way for you to do so.

In this course, you'll learn about effective strategies for creating a profitable private practice and get guidance

on how to start seeing income within weeks!

Unlock the power of Functional Medicine with this exclusive

4-day course! Take away a wealth of knowledge that

will revolutionize your understanding and help you

reach greater heights in personal health care.


● Gain a deeper understanding of functional medicine, root cause principles and how they can be applied in clinical practice.


● Learn how AI can now do most of the boring, tedious tasks, so you can focus on your passion to help others!


● Discover new ways to work with patients that can lead to better outcomes and increased satisfaction. Such as health coaching, life coaching and even financial coaching.


● Access to the latest research and information on functional medicine, as well as opportunities to connect with other healthcare professionals who share your interest in this field.

Are You Not Exactly In Your Calling?

There are 9 Different ways you can earn with this business model! (Majority are passive!)

● Are you longing to be someone who truly makes a difference in people's lives? Would you like the opportunity to heal and provide care, instead of merely handing out medication

without having the time you desire to truly engage with patients?

● Are you feeling exhausted by the challenge of helping patients with seemingly untreatable symptoms?

● Is trading your precious time for money leaving you feeling unfulfilled or stuck in a rut?

● Are you working tirelessly to help another business reach its goals?

●Are you a side hustler? Tired of sending DM's and selling packages or subscriptions that seem to bring no progress?

But you don't want to...

●Amass additional educational and business loans

●Go through the hassle of seeking a collaborating physician and establishing your own practice

●Spend a significant amount of capital into constructing, buying equipment or hiring personnel without any assurance of return on investment

●Spend precious time to decipher things on your own

If any of this resonates with you, then look no further - this is what you're searching for!


Functional Medicine is the key to truly transforming lives and creating a lasting financial legacy. With this revolutionary form of medicine, you have endless opportunities for passive income without having to be a sales person!


You will learn the skills to become an independent healthcare provider that specializes in Functional Medicine. You will have the confidence and knowledge to help your patients get to the root of their condition instead of just prescribing medications or other treatments without addressing why it happened in the first place!


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to transform your life and make a real impact on people's wellbeing. Our FREE 4-day Functional Medicine course will give you the tools to make lasting changes, both professionally and personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine is an approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues. It emphasizes the importance of understanding individual body systems, genetics, lifestyle factors, environment and diet when it comes to treating medical conditions.

What is the difference between functional medicine and traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine focuses on treating symptoms, while Functional Medicine looks to identify the cause of those symptoms in order to provide more effective and lasting treatment.

What are the principles of functional medicine?

The principles of Functional Medicine include a personalized approach to care, patient-centered health management, and disease prevention. It also looks to address imbalances in the body’s systems and restore proper functioning.

What is the focus of the FREE four-day course?

This course will provide you with the fundamentals of Functional Medicine and equip you with the skills and knowledge to create patients’ health plans. You will gain an understanding of how to navigate through different levels of care, incorporate lifestyle interventions like nutrition and exercise into patient care, as well as address complex chronic illness.

Who is the course meant for?

This course is perfect for nurses, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers who are feeling stuck in their current practice, seeking to switch gears and start working in a field where they can help patients achieve their optimal health, have more freedom to explore their interests, and at the same time, earn an amazing living.

What are the benefits of taking the course?

By taking the course, you will break free from the monotony of typical healthcare practice, be your own boss, and help people achieve optimal health. You will also have the opportunity to create a lasting financial legacy without having to be a salesperson!

How do I sign up?

Simply click on the “Reserve My Spot Today” button to secure your spot. There are limited spots available and they fill up quickly - so don't miss out!

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